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Taipei or Taiwan listed under China Boards?


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Taipei or Taiwan listed under China Boards?

disparatehousewife | Jan 22, 2008 12:21 PM

Let me first say, I love this site. I have always gotten the best recommendations from other users.

I wanted to point out, however, that while searching for restaurants in Taipei for an upcoming trip, "Taipei" was listed in the "China" board. This categorization is a highly charged political issue, and quite sensitive at the moment.

Could you possibly list Taiwanese cities under Taiwan, or perhaps "Greater China Region" to be geo-politically unbiased?

I understand that everyone in Cyberspace wants to please the Powers that Be, in order to not get shut out by the Great FireWall of China, but PLEASE do not prematurely concede the independently ruled, democratically run little island in the Pacific -- which, incidentally, issues its own (not Chinese) currency as well as passports to its citizens -- to its hostile Big Neighbor.

Thank you very much.

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