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RhonelyInsanediego | Nov 12, 2012 01:10 PM

Not sure where to post this thread, but this section of Chowhound seems appropriate. I'm a diabetic. I am also an R&D chemist by trade, so when I read an article years ago about Tagatose, a natural sugar substitute derived from milk, I was pretty interested. It supposedly is 93% as sweet as sugar by weight, can be cooked with just like sugar (It Caramelizes!!!), has a very low (3) glycemic index, is not harmful to your teeth, has probiotic properties, and last but not least, has only about 35% of the calories of table sugar. Well 5 plus years later I am still hearing about it, but like UFos and the Yeti, I have never seen it. Supposedly there is a comercialy available brand of Tagatose sweetener called Tagatesse. Only thing I have been able to find is in Asia or Europe.

Has any body found this sugar substitute, or better yet, cooked with it? Please, any info would be very helpful.

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