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Tacolandia 2015 Announced: June 6, 2015 3-8 PM

TheOffalo | Feb 26, 201505:50 PM     45


The event site http://www.laweekly.com/tacolandia redirects to the 2014 page (the 2015 page is not up yet). According to the Facebook description, there are 80 vendors this year, but no listing yet.

However, the TicketFly page for the event lists some (all? I didn't bother counting) of them: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/711419....

Amor Y Tacos, Aqui es Texcoco, Bistro LQ, Border Grill, Cacao Mexicatessen, Carnitas El Momo, Chichen Itza, Coni' Seafood, Corazon y Miel, Gish Bac Restaurante Oaxaqueño, Guerrilla Tacos, HomeState, Kogi BBQ, La Flor de Yucatan, La Guerrerense of Ensenada, La Monarca Bakery, Las 7 Regiones de Oaxaca, Loteria Grill, Mariscos Jalisco, Mexicali Taco & Co., Pez Cantina, Petty Cash, Plan Check, Rincon Oaxaqueno, Rocio's Mole De Los Dioses, SOHO Taco, Taco Maria, Tacos Punta Cabras, Tacos Kokopelli, Tamales Elena, Tortas Ahogadas Ameca, Anepalco’s Café, Bar Amá, Bracero Cocina, Broken Spanish, Chef Guillermo Gonzalez and Sergio Gutierrez of Bocanegra, Común Kitchen and Tavern, C-V-CHE, Cielito Lindo, Expresion Oaxaqueña, Flautas, Frida Tacos, the hungry cat, Las Molenderas, La Taquiza, Los Originales Tacos Arabes de Puebla, Mariscos El Cristalazo, Mexikosher, Oaxaca on Wheels, Revolutionario LA Foods, Tacos Quetzacoatl, Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara, Trejo's Tacos.*

*Does that mean Danny Trejo will be there?!?

Who's going? (The attached image is the banner for this year's event "collaged" with some of my shots from the last two events.)

Past Threads:

2013 pre-event discussions: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/904668

2013 live/post-event discussions: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/906589

2014 pre-event discussions: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/973256

2014 live/post-event discussions: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/980675

Amor Y Tacos
Aqui es Texcoco
CaCao Mexicatessen
Carnitas el Momo
Chichen Itza
Guerrilla Tacos
La Flor De Yucatan Bakery
Pez Cantina
Taco María
Tamales Elena
Tortas Ahogadas Ameca
Bar Amá
Broken Spanish
Thach Che Hien Khanh
La Taquiza Mexican Grill
La Taquiza
Lindo Oaxaca
Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara
Trejo’s Tacos - La Brea
La Monarca Bakery & Cafe
Rincon Oaxaqueno
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