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The Taco thread

eatsfromtheeast | Apr 1, 2016 07:57 PM

I thought it would be nice to have a single thread for all taco related discussions. Seems like there are many more of them nowadays at widely different price points, so which is the best tasting? best value? I'll just list some that I know of so far.

Las Catrinas, 1486 Rue de l'Église https://www.facebook.com/Restolascatr...
This seems fairly new as it replaced some other restaurant in VSL. It's the most recent one I've tried and I thought it was pretty decent. It's 3 tacos for $10, not the cheapest but I actually found they gave you enough meat in each taco for a satisfying amount but I probably could've eaten another 3 if I really wanted to feel stuffed. The tacos are topped with chopped raw onions and cilantro. I liked their salsas. The red one was pretty hot. They offer vegetarian and a variety of meats such as beef (lengua, biztek, cecina, suadero), pork (I forget the types but one was chorizo), and chicken. The only slightly disappointing thing was the the corn tortillas were not warm. I tried three of the beef types (not the lengua) and thought they were all pretty tasty. The cecina which was dried beef I think was the darkest looking meat. It had the strongest flavor, perhaps a bit too salty for my liking. Another one type oozed a fair bit of oil and caused the toritilla to break apart while I was trying to hold and eat it. It appears to be family run and they offer a lot of other typical Mexican dishes.

Impactaco, 500-A Rue Belanger E https://www.facebook.com/ImpacTaco-Be...
Went here, I think last autumn, i thought it was fine, quite cheap at 4 tacos for $6 (although now their facebook page says $5, but pretty sure it was $6 before). Quite a small portion which was not surprising considering the price, I could probably eat more than 8 of their tacos before feeling full. Toppings were raw onions and cilantro. I like their logo a lot and the general luchador theme. My friend noticed they had a portrait of El Santo.

El Rey del Taco, 232 Jean-Talon E https://www.facebook.com/El-Rey-Del-T...
Never had the tacos here but had dish which was a combination of their grilled meats. Prices are good, taste was average I would say. The meats just seemed a tad plain somehow. Like the multi-colored nachos they give you.

Azteca, 7349 Saint-Hubert
Been meaning to try this place out. 4 tacos for $5.

Tacos Victor, 4376 rue Notre-Dame O https://www.facebook.com/Tacos-Victor...
I also went here recently, their beef is nicely grilled and is made of longer thin strips as opposed to most other places where the meat is chopped into small cubes. $6 per taco. They also have shrimp tacos but I have only tried the beef ones so far. Two of them provide a pretty satisfying amount of food but I don't like that they put fries in it and have double tortillas. Their tacos are so packed though that it's difficult to eat them. They have a few slices of radish and cucumber which can't even fit in the tacos with everything else. I also did not find the salsas to be particularly flavorful. Their facebook page recently announced duck tacos.

Cafe Frida, 4412 Notre Dame https://www.facebook.com/cafefridamon...
Haven't tried it. Apparently $2.5 per taco. They also have other stuff like churros. I'm not a fan of fried dough but the picture of their churros that they posted on their facebook page looked enticing.

Don Taco, 1855 Rue Saint Catherine O
I don't remember what I thought of the tacos here when I had them last autumn. I should go back and try again.

El Rey del Taco - Resto Mexicaine - Market - Churros,
Tacos Victor,
Bar Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles,
Tacos Frida,
Don Taco
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