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Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme Love


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Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme Love

rworange | Aug 6, 2006 01:56 AM

On the SF Board, a fan of Chipotle felt the Mexican joint across the street didn't measure up ... in fact, the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap far outclassed the Mexican place where the food was "tasteless and limp"

An eloquant plea was made to try the Crunch Wrap. Since I was the one who recommended the tasteless Mexican joint, I felt it was only fair to bite the burrito and try the Taco Bell offering.

Let me start this out by saying, despite my chain-loving life, there
are two places that are beneath me ... Taco Bell and Long John Silver. Taco Bell because their chicken to me tastes like it was marinated in lemon Mr. Clean.

So I didn't get the chicken, but I got the steak version. For fast
food, it really isn't bad and for a more filling lunch I might prefer this over a fast food burger. It is lots of eats for $2.99.

The Crunch Wrap is all about the texture. It is like nachos wrapped in a flour tortilla ... a tortilla that is nicely browned.

It has this great crispy texture. What looked like unnaturally red
pieces of tomato turn out to be thin strips of tortilla chips ... these were really an excellent texture and stood up well to the oozy jalopeno cheese mixed with the beef. there were also gratuitous pieces of fresh chopped green onion ... no cilantro after all ... this is for mass consumption ... but it worked.

There you go, a burrito the color of the Mexican flag ... red
tortillas, green onions and white flour tortilla.

And quite honestly ... I thought it was better than a cheesesteak ... with all that oozy cheese embracing the sliced beef. If they only had better quality beef this might even be a rave.

Now, it won't replace my favorite Mexican joint, but if I'm in an area where the choice is between a Jack in the Box Ciabatta, a Whopper with cheese or a Crunch Wrap ... I just might head over to Taco Bell.

The one thing I always did like at Taco Bell were the beans. They
weren't as good as my memory but not bad with lots of gooey cheese on top. Tried a packet of hot sauce ... vinegar and heat ... pass.

Here's a love letter to the Crunch Wrap.

And just to hopefully avoid discussions about the relative health benefits of this product ... yeah ... it is unhealthy ... so is most fast food and a real Mexican burrito isn't that healthy either. So this isn't trying to convince anyone who isn't into fast food to eat here. I hope that will be respected.

Warning: This must be eaten immediately or the texture is gone ... the cheese hardens ... not something to take home and eat the next day.

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