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Taco bar

Tom Stebbins | Sep 5, 2000 03:22 PM

Perhaps because it was the only thing I looked forward to in my school cafeteria, I have a profound love, both in principle and in practice, of the taco bar. For years I thought that this buffet-delicacy could only be found in the school cafeteria or at home.
And then, one day, not so long ago, I stumbled across my long lost love, taco bar, amid shelves of my newfound love, beer, at the Sunset Grill on Brighton Ave in Allston. For $5.49, you have access to an all-you-can-eat taco&fajita bar, complete with fresh pico de gallo and snipped scallions, as well as sour cream, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. There are three offerings for the meat: chicken w/BBQ, banana peppers and onions; steak w/peppers and onions and ground beef which is ridiculously dressed with BBQ sauce when it should just be left alone or seasoned with an 89 cent taco seasoning packet. Anyhow, at $5.50 it's a steal. Especially for someone like me can eat five or six fajitas and who always feels ripped off when I pay $9.99 for three tortillas and a spoonful of cheese. I guess all these years I've been paying three bucks for the TGI flair of an inedible sizzling pan.
Also on the taco bar tip, if any of you are Monday Night Football fans and ever happen to be downtown on a monday night, come join me and mine for FREE taco night at the Corner Cafe on Prince St. in the North End. It's a great deal. I mean, it's free, so that's a pretty good deal for my money (or lack thereof). Anyhow, 7:30-9:30 on Mondays. Look for the blond kid.


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