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T.A.C. Quick (Thai)

Erik M. | Jul 16, 2003 11:05 AM

"Thai Authentic Cooking" opened recently, on Sheridan, just south of Irving Park.

The "regular" menu is straightforward. Here is my shot at the printed-in-Thai menu. Starting at the top, the entire left column then the right column. Eleven items. Moving to the bottom, the entire left column then the right column. Twenty-two items...

1. gai tawt (Thai "fried chicken")
2. nya dted dtiao (Thai "beef jerky")
3. moo ping (BBQ pork skewers)
4. sai krok (sliced, fermented sausage, served with peanuts, ginger, scuds, cucumber, and cabbage)
5. nem nuong (Vietnamese-style pork balls, served with rice papers, green apple, basil, lettuce, cucumber, green banana, and dipping sauce)
6. guay dteow ("Boat noodle." Brisket, beef balls, pork skins, chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, and thin rice vermicelli in a spicy/sweet/pungent "soup")
7. ? (noodle with ground pork and BBQ pork in "soup")
8. yen dta fo (seafood noodles in tomato base)
9. Khanom jeen nam ya (Thai "pasta." Contains fish balls)
10. ladna (noodles with egg and gravy)
11. suki nam (Thai-style "sukiyaki." Can be ordered "dry," or "haeng")

1. som tam tai (papaya salad with dried shrimp)
2. som tam ptbuu (papaya salad with salted crab)
3. neau nam tok (beef salad)
4. koong nam pa (raw shrimp salad)
5. ? (eggplant salad)
6. ? (soup with offal. spicy and sour)
7. ? (deep-fried fish with vegetable and mango. sweet and slightly sour. Tilapia or Mudfish. Market Price)
8. phad phet pladook (fried catfish with Thai eggplant, in a green curry base. more hot than sweet)
9. haw mok (Mudfish "custard" steamed in a banana leaf)
10. gaprow khai yeow ma (minced, stir-fried chicken with crispy basil leaves, served over fried, preserved duck eggs. non-traditional. "Thai trendy")
11. gaeng keow wan (beef, basil, thai eggplant, and bamboo shoots in a green curry, served over "cha om" omelet. non-traditional. "Thai trendy")
12. gaeng som cha om (sour soup curry with "cha om" vegetable and sliced papaya)
13. nam prik kapi plaa dtoo (fried trout, "cha om" omelet, battered/fried eggplant, raw Thai eggplant, and cuke slices, accompanied by shrimp paste nam prik)
14. poo lon (crab, ground pork, and ground shrimp nam prik)
15. dtao jiao lon (they don't have it...)
16. ? nam prik (ground pork and spicy, sweet tomato nam prik)
17. khai pa lon (hard-boiled egg in a "soup." base flavoured with dried aromatics and soy)
18. tom jup chai (a cabbage dish. they don't have it...)
19. kao mun gai (kinda like Hainan chicken. yellow bean sauce alongside)
20. kha moo (like red-braised Chinese pork hock)
21. kha moo daeng (Chinese-style BBQ pork and rice. hard-boiled egg garnish)
22. khao kapi (shrimp paste rice with various mix-ins)

I have no affiliation with this restaurant. However, at this time, I do not wish to discuss the restaurant or the menus on the board. You do as you like. I will (try to) answer any questions that you may have at erikatlorchdotorg.

Erik M.

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