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Sweetbreads for the Uninitiated

rowjo | Apr 13, 200802:04 PM

My best friend and I are headed to wine country near the Russian River in northern California in a couple of weeks. We have reservations at what appears to be a lovely little French bistro type restaurant one night (Mierpoix in Windsor, CA). The menu looks wonderful...from mussels to foie gras to frites to....sweatbreads.

I read a couple of posts on various travel sites that said Mirepoix makes excellent sweetbreads. They serve them braised with frites and maitre d'butter. For a few dollars more you can add sauce bordelaise. Sounds intriguing. My problem? I've never had sweetbreads.

For some reason I'm really tempted to try this dish. But I would hate to order something I ended up really disliking. I'm not a picky eater. The only thing I don't really like are beets (they taste like dirt to me!). I'm fine with tongue and pates and chicken liver (I've never had beef liver). I've even had turkey "rocky mountain oysters" and thought they were great!

What would I expect with sweetbreads? The texture is very soft, isn't it? What about flavor? Any descriptions that might give me a better idea would be greatly appreciated...from both folks who like them and folks who don't.

I know there's no real way of knowing without trying for myself, but I thought this might be an interesting discussion.


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