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Sweetbreads (molleja) -- misconceptions? Any other fans?


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Sweetbreads (molleja) -- misconceptions? Any other fans?

allegro805 | Nov 14, 2006 07:03 PM

I just returned from a trip to central Mexico where I was lucky enough to indulge in a lunch of grilled veal sweetbreads (served on a searing hot "plancha"), which I rarely see here, but seemed somewhat common down there.

As served to me, they were sliced up nicely and deliciously grilled, but unfortunately, I had to pick through a lot of membrane and fat which I prefer to have cleaned off.

One thing I'm curious about is how OFTEN the misconception came up in conversation (with Americans) that sweetbreads were brains. Have many others run into this falsehood?

I also always thought that sweetbreads were the thymus, but have since read that they're often the pancreas as well. Is one more common? Are they interchangeable? Do you know if you're getting one or the other when you buy them?

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