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Sweet lemons


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Sweet lemons

MichaelB | Apr 1, 2003 05:13 PM

So I was at the local interesting-produce market this weekend and picked up a sweet lemon (sitting, naturally, next to the sour oranges). What a strange taste! -- truly sweet, not just less sour like a Meyer lemon. The fruit is almost perfectly round, but not pretty (would never make it in the supermarket) -- sort of dull yellow-green, about the size of a tennis ball. It's not tart at all, very slightly bitter, with a sort of musky perfumy sweetness. I can't say it's a good taste, but it certainly is an interesting taste. The bitter-musky notes come out more after the juice sits for a few minutes.

My big book of citrus fruits, which I previously thought was exhaustively comprehensive, has nothing on them. What I'm wondering is (and I did a search and the only remotely relevant thread was about sweet *limes* from about three years ago) where they are from (India?), how they are used, what anyone else who has tried them thinks of them/uses them for. Thoughts/ideas??

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