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What sweet is your daily pleasure? Do you have just one thing that makes your day? [moved from Home Cooking]

iL Divo | Feb 11, 201203:17 PM

I went into the pantry today to grab my daily intake of my sweet pleasure.
I grabbed the jar of Black Strap Molasses and a soup spoon and enjoyed my delicious one [for sure] sweet of the day. It's also been said that a TB of molasses a day kept your hair dark, so it's beneficial.

MIL used to have her treat every day of an Oreo opened up, a half slice of American cheese in half again and she'd put one small square of cheese on top of the white cookie filling, put the chocolate top back on, turn it over and with a knife she'd separate that white disc of filling from other side put the other small square of cheese on the chocolate part of cookie and reassemble it. The face she made while biting into this treat of hers was priceless.

Share your guilty pleasure.

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