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Sushi Zo Review

MeowMixx | Jul 13, 2006 07:16 PM

After reading so many rave reviews about this place, my sister, friend and I eagerly sat down to an omakase dinner Tuesday night with Keizo-san.

At 8pm, we were the only ones there. Two cheerful servers greeted us with hot towels and laid out pretty dishware in front of us. I liked how each piece was unique. We even got to pick out our own sake glasses :)

Then the magic began. Here's a list of what we had (this is from memory, so the order is a little off)

1. A beautiful Kumamoto oyster with ponzu sauce. Absolutely fresh and delicious
2. Baby abalone. I loved the texture, which was less "chewy" and more "crispy"
3. Uni with squid "noodles". OMG, I'm in love. I've heard about this dish before and am so very glad that I finally got to try it. The textures and tastes melded perfectly
4. Ankimo (monkfish liver). I've had this once before and wasn't too fond of it. But Keizo's ankimo was delicious. It was served slightly warm and had a delicate flavor to it. Definitely the foie gras of the sea.

Then we braced ourselves for the sushi. Keizo presented each fish and would instruct us whether or not to use soy sauce, but most of them came already perfectly seasoned.

5. Maguro (tuna)
6. Kanpachi (soetimes called baby yellowtail)
7. Aji (spanish mackerel) - now this was absolutely delicious. I've had aji before and it's usually been oily and fishy. This aji had no fishiness at all.
8. Scallop with yuzu and sea salt
9. Mirugai (giant clam) with shiso leaf. I loved how the shiso added that fresh clean taste....
10. White shrimp. First time trying it and it was delicious! I like it better than sweet shrimp and i LOOOOOVE sweet shrimp
11. Shima aji (amberjack). Keizo explained that it's kind of between mackerel and whitefish. I loved this one.
12. Uni (sea urchin) - I've had better but it was decent
12. Ikura (salmon roe) - Not a big fan of this at all. It's always FISHY and salty as hell. But Keizo's ikura was mild with just a hint of briny salty goodness.
14. Seared butterfish with miso sauce - kind of like miso black cod but then again not. It was buttery sweet goodness
15. Toro hand roll - TORO, people. Simply decadent.
16. Anago (saltwater eel). Never had this before but fell in love. YUMMMMMM!!!!
17. Octopus with yuzu
18. Flying fish - this one was whatever. Wasn't bad, but nothing to wow over

And finally,

19. Yuzu drink - a chilled "shot" of sweet citrusy heaven

2 hours of eating, 2 bottles of sake for three people came out to $215 before tax. Amazing deal.

During dinner, 3 parties of 2 came in, two of them sitting at the sushi bar, one at a table. Surprisingly enough, the two parties at the sushi bar were fellow chowhounds! It was great meeting you, Sasha and CiaoBob :)

Sushi Zo is now my special local sushi bar (my sister lives right down the street) and I'm already dreaming of the next time I go again ....

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