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sushi tipping etiquette???


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sushi tipping etiquette???

jamess | Apr 2, 2006 01:08 PM

just wondering what the proper tipping etiquette would be at a nice sushi restaurant (a la sushi yasuda or kuruma sushi), especially if you sit at the bar and order an omakase meal.

do you tip the head sushi chef directly? what about all the other guys who work on your fish? and how about the waitress who takes your order? my friends and i were debating this while eating sushi recently.

basically, i want to tip in a way that shows my appreciation to the sushi chef(s) (esp. if i'm sitting at the sushi bar) but don't want to stiff the waitress, either.

if i were planning on tipping 20% total, would i split up 10% each to the head sushi chef and the waitress? 15%/5%? the entire tip to either the waitress or the sushi chef? or is it typical to tip a little more than 20% total at a nice sushi place?

if i give the entire tip to the waitress (as i've always done), will the sushi chef get a fair cut of it? as mentioned, if i'm sitting at the bar and the fish was especially good (as is the case at a place like sushi yasuda), i want to acknowledge to him that the food was great beyond a simple "thanks".

looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

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