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Sushi stressing me out...it's easier just to get it at the grocery

Janet from Richmond | Mar 19, 200809:02 AM

I feel like the biggest dunce ever when it comes to sushi. I usually get it at the grocery store because I can see it, read about it, etc. and choose it based on that. Typically I like rolls and like them with either tuna, salmon or crab, sometimes eels, sometimes avocado, masago ok.

Today I decided to spend the extra $$$ and get better rolls from a local sushi place. I always order it to-go because I feel less like a dunce than I do at the sushi bar. I ordered Alaskan rolls (salmon and avocado) and Seattle rolls (described as spicy tuna on top of crab). Pay $16 for the order, throw $2 in the tip jar and am on my way (not sure about the tipping amount being right, but that's yet another subject for a tipping thread on the NAF board).

I bring it back to the office and the Alaskan rolls are lovely. The Seattle rolls, however, look disgusting because there must be over a pound of spicy tuna mixture over the 8 rolls of crab. The tuna looks like something the cat hocked up and I scraped off 90% of it and left a small amount on each roll. Now I know not to order THAT roll again, but my question is...is it normal for there to be a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) amount of tuna (or other seafood) served on top of a roll?

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