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Sushi Recommendation under $40 for an Omakase novice?

NitWit | Feb 16, 201602:46 PM     3

I'll be heading to LA soon, and have always been a big fan of nigiri and sashimi. Only recently I have tried omakase (Kanoyama NYC), so I'm pretty new to the experience. I've heard tons of great things about the sushi in California and can't wait to try it(The sushi in Connecticut is pretty much all of the same quality, nothing REALLY good). I apologize in advance if some of my comments make me sound clueless about omakase, again, I'm new to it. I only have time to visit 2 spots. Only looking for something preferably under $40 because my taste buds could probably not tell the difference with my limited experience. Here are some places I've been considering (I'd love Feedback and suggestions on these places as well) :

Sushi Gen for the famous sashimi lunch-not sure if I really want to wait in line for 45 minutes to get in at the first seating, anyone know when the line dies down a bit for lunch? If I'm correct, it's served with a few slices of toro? If I don't go for lunch, I'll order the sashimi deluxe at dinner (Does it come with any sides?).

Toshi Sushi:
I saw a Toshi Sushi Combination for 19.95 on their lunch menu on yelp. It looked like it came with toro, uni, snapper, and other fish that could be seen on an omakase plate. Anyone know more about it? Is it served at dinner? I've also heard of their omakase, is it usually around $50?

Sushi Spot:
Heard the omakase was only $35 per person, has it been updated?

Read that it was $33pp, again, is it still that price? Also, what are some things that are included in it?

Hama Sushi:
Couldn't find a menu, but heard good things. Any must try's? Do they have omakase?

What are the thoughts on SUGARfish? Seems like an interesting experience with the warm rice and plates being served not all at once, but the fish seem pretty basic. (Salmon, Albacore, Yellowtail) However, the blue crab hand roll and toro hand roll look pretty good. (May just stop at a KazuNori for a snack)

Again, any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Sushi Gen
Sushi Spot Restaurant
KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar
Hama Sushi
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