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bigtuna27 | Nov 23, 2008 07:55 PM

I've read some brogs on sushi in here and noticed that some of you have wrong knowledge or info about sushi. I've been making sushi over 30 yrs in LA and more in Japan before. I'm here to point out few and give you guys the right info.
1. WARM RICE; It seems to me it's a trend in LA that good sushi must accompny with warm rice.
This is false. Rice should be room temparature so that it doesn't over power each fishes delicate flavor not mention it may warm temparature of chilled fish.
2.OMAKASE; Omakase in Japan means chef's choice of meal suitable for his long time regular customer not the chef's choice of best or unique items of the day. If you are long time customer of that chef, he will know what you like, how much you can eat and most importnatly how much you can spend usually. It doesn't mean pre fix meal nor sky is the limit rip off meal. You have to eat his food at least more than few times in order to ask him omakase. I have fuuny story you may like about this but save it for next time.
I know history about sushi, manners not mention how to make good sushi etc. You can ask me any questions you have about sushi or you can challange me about sushi knowledge. I know I can answer most of the q's. Over all I'm here to help you guys educate and have fun with you sushi fins.
Here is the sushi fyi; Modern style sushi was founded about 350 yrs ago in Edo [ Tokyo now] by Mr Kobei. He was a drop out chef and he only knew how to fillet fish and make rice at the drop out point. So he created the sushi to sell at his food stand to make living. At that time soy sauce was in the community bowl on the counter. Yak!! ha ha. He broke down common meal style[ Sashimi plate and bowl of rice] in to bite size snack.[ Like Taco stand--Smart ha?]

Waiting for your response. Let's have fun!!

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