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Sushi Gen - WTF? Most overrated ever?


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Sushi Gen - WTF? Most overrated ever?

ns1 | Nov 5, 2007 11:03 AM

As of late my sushi joint of choice is Sushi Masu in Westwood for Omakase. No wait, friendly chief (Masu is awesome), reasonable prices, fresh and tasty.

I just got back from NJ and wanted to enjoy some Japanese food. Was thinking about going to Sushi Masu, but didn't want to drive 30 minutes to the westside at 6pm on a Saturday. SO headed down to Sushi Gen instead.

Host was nice, friendly, and knew his stuff. He quoted us 30-40 minutes for the bar, which was pretty spot on. Was the most massive sushi bar I've ever seen. Things smelled delicious, good sign. Sat in the middle/corner seat, asked for Omakase to which they were happy to oblige.

Night started off fantastic enough with some Tuna sashimi. Flavorful, fresh, fantastic. A+++. Went through about 2 hours of Omakase. Had a very recurring theme: shellfish. I remember 2 variations of abalone, giant clam, I remember Uni, and a few other ones. Had alot of new and unique sushi that I was not used to.

Pro's: quality of product. Amazing, top notch, definitely some of the best I've had in LA. No arguments there. Service was pretty good, they had alot of well qualified biligual chef's and apprentices which eased the language barrier. You can clearly tell the chef's now their shiz, and the turnover I imagine makes the fish incredibly fresh.

Con's: variety. I gotta say this was probably the most disappointing part of the night. Sure he gave us alot of different items we didn't expect, but it was all pretty much the same: alot of nigiri, uni, abalone, giant clam, etc. He did the sweet prawn with fried heads, which was fantastic. When I go to Masu for Omakase, he usually does a few seared portions (seared salmon, tuna, yellowtail belly (or something, I don't remember) all the other things that I like to see.

Not to mention, @sushi Gen, he gave us a full order (ie 2 nigiri) each, whereas with Masu he split the nigiri between me and my gf. For some items this was great (tuna sashimi being the standout..), but for the rest, 1 would've sufficed (uni, giant clam, abalone, sweet prawn..).

Biggest con of the night: seeing the mf'ing bill. 210 pretax. I suspect that alot of that is because he booked us each for 1 order (for a total of 4 pieces...) per round. I wouldn't have minded so much if the items were "mind blowing". Sure they were fresh and fastastic, but most of them did NOT leave me wanting more. Ie sardines were cool, but would I order them again? No, not really.

I could've had 2 comparable meals @Masu and left feeling alot better.

Overall, I give them props to the quality of the ingredients. Huge negative marks for me not leaving like I got my money's worth. If I go back, it definitely won't be for Omakase.

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