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Sushi to Boycott

Jim Leff | Dec 27, 2002 03:06 PM

A few restaurants have sleazed us, and we've always addressed the problem and moved on, no problem. But one's gone over the line.

There's a sushi place whose owner posted tons of sham testimonials, pretending to come from delighted customers. One of our primary activities is to sniff out such sleazery, and we're very good at it (few restaurateurs try it anyway, as most respect the integrity of our discussion and understand that honest smart consumer opining is great, long run, for the biz).

We caught the problem quickly, deleted the junk, and the shill postings kept coming. Hey, if you create an oasis of honesty, there are those who will seek to exploit it. Eventually it tapered off.

And now the restaurant is using Chowhound as a reference in its press kit! This is not ok. We've demanded they remove quotes from Chowhound, but our request has been ignored.

This is chutzpa beyond the pale, and I'm taking unprecedented action. I'll bury their name low in this posting to avoid providing publicity or enhancing name recognition, but if you eat at Funayama restaurant, I'd like to suggest that you look for other, better places for all-you-can-eat sushi. There've been many great tips on these boards. And pass word around (off site) about Funayama and about better places you find.

Because we don't want to give these guys any more publicity, please don't reply to this posting (or mention them elsewhere on the site). Just let this serve as notice for interested parties. Email the moderators ( if you have questions or comments (and use the same address if you ever spot something suspicious...keeping our discussion honest is in the interest of all hounddom).


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