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Survey: Telfon cookwares - Positive or Negative Impact for our culture?

Chemicalkinetics | Oct 13, 201106:03 PM

***I would appreciate if you can select your choices first, and then you can give your explanations if you wish (or not). Putting your choice up front will really help me tally the votes and minimize confusion and errors***

Since this is Chowhound, I expect many think poorly of Teflon cookwares, but before you vote, I like you to consider some arguments I have thought of for both sides.

Nonstick cookwares are BAD because:
they are poor performers in general;
they enforce bad cooking habits and they are too easy to use, so they discourage people from moving onto different cookwares;
they are potentially health hazard due to many reasons we have read…etc

Nonstick cookwares are GOOD because:
they are unbeatable for certain things like eggs;
they are easy to use, so they encourage new comers to learn cooking who otherwise would be reluctant to cook;
there is no solid evidence to prove their health risk. On the other hand, they need very little to no oil to cook, so they are healthier for us.

I will make this a three part questions poll (thanks to steve h. suggestion)

1) Do you think Telfon cookwares have an overall positive or negative influence for our culinary culture and our kitchens? (not just for yourself, but the impact for everyone)
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Neutral

2) What is your MAIN reason for selecting your above answer?
d) Performance
e) Learning
f) Health
g) None of the above

3) How many Teflon based cookware do you have at home at this moment?
h) Zero
i) 1
j) 2+

4) Are you sexy?
k) Yes
l) No

I like to thank you all ahead. I think a multi-questions survey will be very interesting.

P.S.: question 4 is not real, but you can answer if you like
P.P.S.: I know there are people on both sides who believe and not believe the health risk for Teflon cookware. Please refrain from getting into a heat argument as this is not the intention for this poll.

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