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vegetablelasagna | Sep 8, 2012 11:15 AM

Was having this conversation last night (about TV, not food) and curious to see what people here think.

The questions:

1. LA restaurants everybody loves but you (either actively dislike or think is overrated.)

2. LA restaurants nobody loves (either actively derides or just doesn't know about) but you.

3. LA restaurants everybody loves that you also love.

4. LA restaurants everybody loves that you've never been to.

My answers:

1. Animal, Lazy Ox. To me they were each a little out of balance flavor-wise, like at both places I felt there was WAY too much of an emphasis on lime juice/vinegar/acid to balance their bolder (saltier/porkier/whatever) flavors, which I found made certain dishes taste sort of uniformly like citrus and salt and that was about it. I liked the idea of each place/each dish more than the actual food in my mouth (but give those chefs huge props for having the hottest joints in town and making the food THEY -- and hoards of others -- really enjoy.) I didn't dislike the restaurants, but also didn't like them enough to ever need to go back.
(My TV answer: Breaking Bad.)

2. Star Falafel, Sherman Oaks. Hole in the wall, amazing falafel and Israeli food. Think it's more under the radar than underrated.
(My TV answer: Amen, Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule.)

3. Cut, Mezze. I have nothing to say about them that hasn't already been said, other than I agree.
(My TV answer: Mad Men, The Wire.)

4. Bottega Louie, Chego, Jar. Don't worry, they're on the list. Ink however is not. I had one of the most insane/beautiful/delicious/indulgent meals of my life at The Langham in 2010 and for some reason want to preserve the experience (crazy and irrational I know, but it's sort of like not wanting to re-read a book or re-watch a movie or watch the sequel.)
(My TV answer: Homeland.)

The rules:

Bring it, but try not to be TOO rough on people like me who don't love Animal (because really, isn't that punishment enough?) Joking aside, I'm actually more interested in where the subjective meets the objective (ie. what one might actually be wrong about if everyone thinks the opposite/what one insists they're right about if everyone thinks the opposite. Or if/when/how both can be true.)

You don't have to provide a TV answer; it's Chowhound, not TVhound. And speaking of which, since I'm less a Chowhound and more a Chowpup, if this topic's already been covered please let me know and link to the thread so I can read it. Thanks!

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