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Survey: Do we cook worse than the previous generations?

Chemicalkinetics | Oct 8, 201103:43 PM

Do you believe people in this generation, on average, are worse cooks than previous generations?

Please summarize your opinion in:
a) Better
b) About the same
c) Worse
and give your detail explanations if you wish, but you don't have to. You can just write a), b) or c) and done with it if you are busy.

My inclination was “Yes, we are worse”, but I am not so sure anymore. Maybe this notion is just sometime repeated enough that now we think is real, but is it really true?

Some signs which support the idea that this generation is worse:
i) we eat out a lot more
ii) tons of prepared foods in supermarket, probably more so than the fresh produce section.
iii) people work more and have less time to focus on cooking. One example, the percentage of women works almost double since 1960

Yet, here are some things to take into account:
iv) women use to do most of the cooking, men didn't, so not everyone in the previous generations can cook. Today men may cook better than men in 1900's.
v) wealthy people used to hire maids and cooks.
vi) maybe more women work than before, but our averaged work hours (per person) have been declining, so we have more free time to cook.
vi) we are a more ethnically aware society with vast easily accessible information on internet. It is not unimaginable that your neighbor cooked Vietnamese Pho last night, will cook Indian dals tonight, and Mexican fajitas tomorrow. This would have been unlikely just two generations ago. So while your grandmother may make slightly better mashed potato than you, she cannot touch your Jamaican jerk pork.
vii) while people in 1900's didn't have microwavable food, they probably cook very simple foods on a regular basis.

So what do you think? Do you think people on average are better or worse cooks than previous generations? Again, on average. There is no right and wrong answer.

Thanks for your participation

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