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Surprising find - Cheap but more than decent Dim Sum snacks at a Chinese Supermarket!


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Surprising find - Cheap but more than decent Dim Sum snacks at a Chinese Supermarket!

Charles Yu | Jul 23, 2013 01:38 PM

The trend followed by almost all newly opened Chinese Supermarket nowadays, is the inclusion of a vast area inside the premise, devoted specially to cooked prepared foods, Dim Sums, Cantonese BBQ meats and sushis...etc. Quality, in general, is below par and not worth our foodie palette's consideration!

Today, for some of my weekly Chinese grocery shopping, I decided to visit ' Bestco Fresh Foodmart', a relatively new and huge Chinese Supermarket inside Scarborough's Chartwell Plaza.on Brimley..

Walking past their Dim Sum department, I noticed some very decent looking Dim Sum on view and all at $1.99 each. Out of sheer curiosity and feeling a bit hungry, I decided to try out a few! ( Hack! If by chance, all three of my order are un-palatable, I'm only looking at losing a small amount of money, not even enough for a Big Mac Combo! )

I tried out their Har Gow Shrimp dumplings, Fried Taro Croquettes and Steamed Prawns with Choi Sum rice-roll ( aka Cheung Fun ). The verdict! For that money! Pretty dawn good!!!

First off the Har Gow. As expected, the skin wrapper was pretty thick. But this is Toronto and NOT Hong Kong!! Even high end Chinese restaurants can sometimes fail miserably in this area! However, to my surprise, the wrapper did not break when picked up and the texture was pleasantly chewy. It encased all the juices of the interior prawn filling!. This latter component was a winner! Nicely seasoned, the prawns were juicy, sweet and crunchy! Am I eating Dragon Dynasty product, from across the car park, at half the price??!! $1.99 for 4 morsels! I'm not complaining!!

The 3 fried Taro Croquettes were greaseless. Crunchy shell encasing a mashed taro inner shell which on top houses a delicious but very stingy chive and minced meat filling. Tasty and nice textural interplay. Again, for only $1.99, I can over look the quantity of the filling!!

Lastly, the Steamed rice roll was another revelation. The rice skin wrapper was much thinner than expected. Prawns used in the filling were again pretty fresh and crunchy. This product can easily rub shoulder with some restaurants' offering! Again, at a bargain price of $1,99, its a steal!

Well, having tried some really nasty dim sum products from the likes of Foodie Mart and T&T in the past. Bestco's product was indeed a huge pleasant surprise!!

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