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Super Tasters with Blue Tongues


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Super Tasters with Blue Tongues

Cynical Chef | Apr 1, 2003 08:30 PM

So I'm listening to NPR last week and there's this piece featuing a Food Scientist from Harvard and she's going on and on about so-called super tasters. It seems that some of us have tongues with a higher density of buds than others. If you want to know if you're a ST, she says to simply rub your tongue with blue food coloring and the resulting mess will let you know. I forget what happens after the blue food coloring part. Anyway I went off to the store because me being a somewhat famous chef I'm certain that I MUST be a Super Taster! Well in my local mega grocer there wasn't a drop of blue #1 to be found so instead I bought one of those blue cakes from their "bakery". I was sure that the Crisco flavored icing had enough blue #1 in it to suffeciently coat my tongue. Do you know that that icing just would not melt! I mean I'm standing in front of my mirror with my tongue hanging out and I'm smearing this blue cake all over my tongue and all I'm getting is sick! My 5 year old is sure that I'm nuts and he just can't understand what I'm saying "Dis Wady fum Hahvad thaid do put woo vood tolor on mah dung!'

What I did find out was that the few taste buds I did have work well enough to know a nasty cake when they taste one.

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