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Am I a super taster or just super picky?

Aycoayco | Dec 9, 201401:43 PM


I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I posted this up in the wrong section.

Am I a super taster? I'm coming to think that I am after I cut down on my salt intake. I LOVE SALT. I'm just a salt addict but I was eating close to 6grams a day and suffer from edema and high blood pressure so I cut it down extremely. I just lost 9 pounds of water weight in 2-3 days:)

Anyway, after putting the salt shaker and any condiments away I've come to realize I hate most foods.

But even before I cut down on salts I hated chocolate, even milk chocolate. I love white chocolate though but regular chocolate tastes like bitter sour vomit, the sweetness to me tastes even more bitter.

I'm a coffeeholic but I can only drink coffee with salt, cream, Truvia, and a few drops of peppermint oil. I can drink it black only if I put in peppermint oil to mask the vomit bitter flavor.

I don't like fatty foods, I find oil, even fresh oil tastes a bit rancid, like rotting meat. I even find that sources from vegetables taste really bad too.

I really don't like overly sweet foods. I don't like most desserts but I do like some fruit. I hate the overly sweet non tangy fruits like papaya, bananas, all melons, mangos, nectarines (I like it if it's not ripe). I do love grapes, pineapples, berries (hate black berries, too sweet) apples and mandarines.

I love sour and salty foods but don't like oily and sweet foods.

I also love a bit of hot sauce since it makes foods that I don't like more palatable.

I don't like nuts too much since they feel too heavy on my tongue. I despise peanuts, I can't even be in the same room as someone eating peanut butter. Makes me want to puke.

I also don't like much red meat, I HATE HATE HATE pork. It tastes so nasty and foul, so rancid and rotten. Like rotting blood. Same with egg yolks, hate egg yolks, makes me gag when I eat them but I love egg whites, they are naturally salty and delicious.

Sorry for being so disgustingly descriptive.

I don't really like most leafy green vegetables, red lettuce is the worst. I find broccoli bitter. I was able to eat all those vegetables before I was liberally eating salt but now that I'm going low salt, I find most vegetables too bitter.

The thing is that I do love strong alcohol like scotch whiskey, rum and absinthe but I don't like sugary alcohols and sweet beers. I like more dry alcohols. I thought that super tasters don't like the taste of spirits.

If you think I'm a super taster, has anyone figured out a way to make foods tastes better without adding salt or sugar (I have blood sugar problems so I have to stay away from sugar)

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