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Super sour pickles anyone?

gothictranquility | Apr 3, 2016 04:29 PM

I moved from New England to Virginia and I am missing my Amato's sour pickles. I can't find any equivalent here whatsoever. I've called all sandwich places around here etc, checked grocery stores... I don't want to pay like $50 to have the pickles shipped here and really I'm just dying for some. These pickles are truly the type that pucker your mouth up like crazy and most pee I know can't handle them. Any idea for brands of super sour pickles? Has anyone had any luck with making really sour pickles? I'm hesitant to try to ferment my own because when people say a recipe is for "sour pickles" I worry it's going to be like buying a Mt Olive "sour" pickle, which isn't even really sour. Can anyone help?

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