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Super-Frugal Meals -- around $1 per serving -- Beyond Rice and Beans


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Super-Frugal Meals -- around $1 per serving -- Beyond Rice and Beans

LauraGrace | Sep 19, 2010 02:24 PM

Hey all, some friends and I are embarking on a bit of an adventure. We're all pretty broke 20-somethings, in the financial crunch of a first mortgage or first baby or whatever, and we're tired of feeling like we can't eat together without it being a budget buster for everyone (if we eat out) or one person (if we eat at that person's house).

So we thought, why not find a way to eat together for free? And why not make it really interesting and see just how cheaply we can do it? We set $1 per person as the threshold, and what will happen is, one person will cook and the others will bring $1 apiece to pitch in. I'll probably be handling all the cooking in the beginning, which is fine with me, since I'm single and don't often get to have the pleasure of cooking for a big group. I have a few ideas, and I DO really love rice and beans, but woman does not live by rice and beans alone, you know?

So. Hounds. Help! I'd love to hear what you'd make if you had, say, just $10 or $12 to cook a healthy, filling meal for 10 people.

(Important details: I do keep a well-stocked pantry, buy my spices at ethnic grocery stores, and plan to keep things in the vegetarian or vegetarianish category. Healthy and balanced is a goal, but not an obsession. All cuisines are fair game -- no picky eaters. I bake my own bread regularly and am perfectly willing to make things that require long cooking. Some of the folks in this group are: nursing mamas, burly dudes, foodies.)

Thanks! :)

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