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Super Bowl Report! - Please post yours too! :)


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Super Bowl Report! - Please post yours too! :)

Dommy! | Feb 6, 2006 01:38 PM

I’m not at all into football… but always love a reason to celebrate and make yummy stuff… So here’s my superbowl report on how our recipes went!!! :)

Aligator Pie: www.macon.com/mld/telegraph/living/fo...

On National Pie day two weeks ago I had my first slice of Alligator Pie! It’s a mixture of Cheese Cake and Pecan Pie… I LOVED it and instantly began to look for a recipe and all I could find was this one… Sadly, I believe the recipe is a dud. I made the pie pretty much to letter but the ‘corn syrup’ custard did not set at all. The pie was liquidy and the top was bubbly and crusty. It tasted great, but looked horrid and made for messy eating! :P We guessed that the recipe called us to beat the eggs to hard or was missing an ingredient…

Tatter Tot Casserole: brunch.allrecipes.com/az/TtrTtCssrl.asp

I’ve been teasing my BF with this recipe for a long while because he LOVES tatter tots and my mother works for a school cafeteria. So she was able to get the HUGE industrial tatter tots of his youth… :) Luckily this recipe had lots of comments so I read those before I tried it and the folks said to use four eggs instead of the two… Which did HELP in the firming and bulk of the recipe. Also, because we used larger tots, the cooking time was a bit longer than stated, especially for them to get all brown and crispy like BF likes them. FURTHER, BF thought that pre cooking the tatter tots for a bit would lead to an even BETTER version because the parts that were placed in the egg mixture was a bit soggy in texture (Which I like because it reminds me more of hash browns… :)) All in all though, AWESOME breakfast! :)

Alton’s Oven Baby Back Ribs (finished in BBQ) : www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/reci...

This is a tried and true recipe BF decided to mess around a little bit with… First, last time he made it, he could not find Jalapeño Powder… so instead he just added more cayenne. This lead for a different taste, but BF preferred keeping it just with the cayenne. Also, we used ribs from Costco instead of the ribs he usually uses from Smart and Final. He saids the S&F ribs are a bit more fatty and because of this (And perhaps the BBQ finish), the ribs came out a bit drier than he’d like. Other than that… aside from the messiness, fussiness and needing EXTRA Heavy Duty Foil, this is a great recipe! :)

And finally… the infamous Bonnies Buffalo Dip!: sunberst.com/projects_buffalodip.html

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for YEARS… but superbowl day got cold feet because of the bad reports… to Salty (I hate salty things!), too greasy (Ditto!), etc…

So I decided to approach it with CAUTION… I made 4lbs of Bone in Chicken Breasts simmered with Onion and Garlic and shredded those and packed it into a glass brownie pan. Then, I poured in a little less than half the bottle of Franks and a few dashes of Cholula Hot sauce and mixed up the Chicken. It coated and flavored the chicken wonderfully. The Franks is indeed more vinegary than spicy, so the Cholula really helped elevate the heat. Now, I only use just enough to flavor… Next time I would use a little more to help soak a little better… so that the flavors can really cut through the creamy.cheesy layer…

Then I added one block (8oz) Cream Cheese instead of the two, and melted and then added about three tablespoons the Maries Cream Ranch (My favorite ranch!). I tasted so it was just enough ranch flavor poking through the creaminess of the cheese… Then I layered that on top of the packed chicken.

Finally I topped the dish with little cubes of celery and 8oz of sharp cheddar and placed in oven just long enough to MELT the cheese… This kept things from breaking and grease from oozing! :P I served it with celery sticks and Sliced in half baby carrots (Slicing them in half gives them a flat surface area that is better for dips! :))

And it was a HIT! BF called it his favorite dip ever! YAY!! :) Again, the only thing I would do different next time is add a bit more franks/cholula! :)

Sadly, we were so STUFFED after dinner and BF and I had to get back home, we didn’t get a chance to do the S’Mores thing… Ah well… Valentines Day is coming! ;)


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