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Vital Information | Nov 4, 2001 11:27 AM

Saturday afternoon, we headed towards Devon for a bit of shopping, and hopefully, to try a place I had been eyeing with a tandoor oven in the storefront window. Well, I got extremely impatient with the northbound traffic from Oak Park and switched seats with Ms. VI. Ms. VI ended up making a wrong turn, or shall we say, she failed to make the right turn, and we went a bit out of our way. The detour, however, left us within smelling distance of Super Dawg. There was no way, with this extremely tardy Indian summer, that we could pass this opportunity.

Now, Super Dawg's praises have been sung on this board by others, including me (at least the decor), but the whole gloriousness, the superousness of Super Dawg, must be extra praised.

We Jews have a prayer/song in the Passover service called dayenu; the trust being that God gave more than enough, or too much of a good thing is a good thing. This is the way I feel about Super Dawg. It would be enough if Super Dawg was a nostalgic drive-in with car hopping gals and massive hot dog people waving from the roof.

Still, we get probably the best relish extant, we get little chunks of pickled tomatoes with each sandwhich, we get wonderful menu language, not just the great names (whoopercheeseie, whoopsiedog, etc.), but all the bad puns, like we thank you from the bottom of our pure beef heart. And at the heart of Superdawg, beyond the kitsch, are some really good foods. The fries are crunchy good and much better than what I recently producted, the hot dog is, well, super, and the burgers posses that greasy, beefy flavor so rare in fast food. even the cheese tastes superior.

Superdawg is on Milwaukee Avenue just south of Devon/east of Nagle in the Edgebrook neighborhood of Chicago. Get there while the weather remains wierd.


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