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sunkist oranges


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sunkist oranges

dtud | Dec 22, 2006 11:26 PM

i'm trying to find somewhere i can order regular sunkist navel oranges through the mail.

this may sound crazy - but it's true: during the supermarket strike in los angeles in 2003-04, all grocery stores affected as part of the strike stopped carrying sunkist oranges (they stopped carrying most produce). during this time, they sometimes had california grown oranges (non-sunkist). these are drastically inferior to sunkist oranges. after the strike - the supermarkets stayed with these non-sunkist oranges. i don't know why.

gelsons and whole foods has sunkist oranges from time to time and i buy a lot when they do. but i'm now living in new orleans and they don't sell sunkist oranges here either! where can i get sunkist navel oranges?! do they still grow?

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