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Sunday brunch at Joy's with the Limster and LET

Yimster | Dec 31, 200206:57 AM     6

A group of eight chowhounds had lunch with the Limster and LET, both mainstays on the Bay Area broad for years. They have move on to other area’s where they will be resource to their new broads.

Since Limster and a few of us had a wonderful Shanghai dinner Friday night I wanted to share with the Limster a lunch with the same type of meal for a Sunday bunch.

We started with two bowls each of soybean milk savory and sweet. We had the savory soybean milk with fried bread. The bread was freshly fried and still hot went we first got it. The soybean tasted “homemade”. We then had thw sweet soybean milk as a closer to the meal.

Then we had a sweet rice roll with pork sung, diced shrimp and fried bread. A Chinese version of Japanese sushi. The rolls were freshly made, we arrive early and the staff was making them while we watched.

Then we had a order each of chow mein with knife cut noodles and a bowl of Beef tendon knife cut soup noodles. The Limster like these dishes the best, he said they were some of the best that he has even had.

I was able to order the Red Cooked Pig Trotters, I did not have to order it in advance. We found that this was on a par with one we had at Su Hong. I found the texture at Su Hong was better because the one at Joy was more tender and just on the edge of being overcooked. But this version had more sauce (which was wonderful) and that added to the over effect. It was the equal of Su Hone which lacked sauce. Dereck Mrs. Yimster said this was the best she has had. She sorry you missed it.

We had xlb’s which were good but not as good as Su Hong’s which we agreed was the very best we have taste in the Bay Area. The Limster and LET attack quickly because the Limster said the first one will burn the mouth because we have about 3 minutes to eat the two zlb;s that we had each. Many of the buns broke and loss the soup and the flavor was not on a par with Su Hong.

Stinky tofu was also a standout. The smell was strong and once we got pass that the taste and texture was one of the best I have had in the area. The outer skin was crispy while the center was a little bit hollow. It was not as hollow as I like it but it was good.

Then we had the pot stickers which we all agree were the very best. The wrappers were paper thin and shaped like 3 inch cigars. The filling was juicy and the flavor was just great. Limster this was one of the best.

Then we have a eel fried dishes which was a Limster must have. Which was make with a sweet and sour sauce.

I did the ordering while the Limster was reading the menu. He only added the eel and made my day by saying that I order thing he would have. This place has been posted on Chowhound and written in newspaper. We use to go here 10 years ago, but I had forgotten about it and needed to be reminded about it by the broad. So even for a foodie like me the board is access. So if you do not get the ChowNews you should. Like Su Hong they have a Chinese only menu which had all these dishes so you will need a person who reads Chinese to do the ordering. Otherwise most of these dishes will be missed. The Chinese menu is on both sides of a legal size page.

The total cost with a good tip was $15.00 each. We were barely able to eat everything. We arrived at 11:00 AM, with the rest of the chowhounds arriving at 11:30 AM. The place was empty when we arrived, but was full at 11:30AM. There was a line out the door when we left. I advise you make a reservation if you plan to go.

1495 Beach Park Blvd
Foster City, CA
651 345 1762

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