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Sun Dried Tomatoes with Oil & Garlic – Botulism


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Sun Dried Tomatoes with Oil & Garlic – Botulism

craige4u | Jun 30, 2011 10:38 AM

I am having Sun dried tomatoes sitting in a bottle for months now and was thinking of making use of them now

I will be using - Olive oil, Fresh Basil Leaves and Garlic with my tomatoes.

1]Now, I am worried about Botulism. So what shall I do to avoid it? I am thinking of marinating them at least a month before consuming them, So shall I let them marinate In the refrigerator?

2] I am making small quantity and hence using air tight container is not possible, as where I live all air tights are big big bottles only. So, I decided to use a random glass bottle I have in my home (Non air tight). As I will be using this, shall I be worried abt anything ?

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