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Best Summer Sandwiches

alkapal | May 29, 200905:12 AM     51

what are your favorite sandwiches or wraps or paninis that include (among the ingredients, or as the only ingredients) beautiful fresh, summer produce?

in addition to the sandwich, etc., what would you serve as an accompaniment, and a beverage?


here are some ideas:

avocado with bacon and tomato on crusty, hearty bread -- with a squeeze of lime on the avocado, and a little mayo on the bread, of course. i can see adding a veeeery thin slice of vidalia or red onion, too.
to drink: maybe a rosé (yes, virginia, there are *good* rosés!)
or if it is really hot outside, a heineken beer.

another: lemon-vinaigrette dressed arugula, with shaved fennel and shaved parmesan, in a whole grain roll -- or toasted sourdough.
to drink: crisp but not too dry fumé blanc wine. or a slightly fizzy medium-bodied white from france or italy.

another, inspired by jungmann: salsa verde (fresh tomatillos and chile peppers) blended with guacamole, then smeared on a smoked turkey sandwich. bread? whole grain?
to drink: dos equis amber beer.

another, inspired by kchurchill: a greek veggie salad wrap, with cukes, tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives, maybe some fresh mint from the garden, spinach, red onion, with a roasted red pepper-oregano vinaigrette, in a spinach, whole grain, or red pepper wrap.
to drink: maybe some yogurt drink (like a salty lassi) -- or -- wait for it -- tart buttermilk! (i'm a new buttermilk fan! i'm wondering how it would work with a little salt, like lassi?)

i've just been inspired by a salad at a local french restaurant (lavandou, in d.c.). serve on a crusty french baguette: "Salade de Fenouil au Roquefort: Fennel, Celery, Apple, Walnut & Roquefort Salad, Walnut Vinaigrette."
to drink? a nice white bordeaux.

fried green tomato, with cracklings in a corn pone "wrap" with john folse's cajun red remoulade. (don't ask me just exaclty how this will work, but i'm going to figure it out!)

and because of my love of summer corn, i'm trying to think of how to make bkhuna's idea into a sandwich: roasted corn, cotija cheese, mayo and chili powder. maybe some arugula blended with cilantro? <too much?> bread? a freshly made tortilla? yes!
to drink: what would complement the sweet corn? hmmmm......

and...it wouldn't be summer without this simple little ditty: slab of juicy tomato, duke's mayo, salt and pepper, wonderbread.
and what to accompany this sandwich? why, another tomato sandwich, of course!

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