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Summer Beers Are Here!


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Summer Beers Are Here!

pie22 | Apr 15, 2010 09:30 AM

Hounds, the summer beers are coming out in the storees by me and I need some new ones - what do you recommend?
I just picked up a case of harpoon summer beer (it was accidental to get the whole case, I meant to get the mixed case that included the summer beer but unsure what happened between my mind registering it and reaching for the case), regardless, I like it, it's very light and can drink a lot of them or even through a whole day but am looking for something with a touch more flavor and mouth-feel.
I love the Sam Adams Summer Ale and Linenkuegels summer offering but what else you guys got?
In PA where I am during the week I have to buy by the case but when I go to NJ usually every other weekend until beach time comes I can get six-packs so it's fairly open range.

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