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Sul Long Tang

Michael Yu | Aug 5, 200012:52 AM


Just read your Han Bat piece. Sul Long Tang is beef soup that is boiled for so long that the marrow melts into a milky soup...At least that's my theory on it. Now, there really is no proper way to serve this dish, but I noticed at least here in Korea, most people put a little bit of sea salt in the soup when they first get it.

Places in NY will also have green onions in the soup when it comes to your table, but actually, they should give you a whole basketful on the side so you can adjust.

Another variation I learned is to put in a pickle/VERY spicy hot chili paste called "Dadaeghi" into the soup. Still another creative inspiration is to put spoonfuls of the water/juice from your kimchee or kakdughi banchan into the soup. The soup turns a nice orangey color, and it becomes quite hearty. Another thing, refuse to eat Sul Long Tang if it does not come in a dark brown ceramic bowl, referred to as a dookbaeghi. If it comes in a metal bowl, refuse immediately. Lastly, a famous place near my home here in Seoul serves Seol Lung Tang along with a bowl of rice prepared in the stone dishes you referred to. You crisp the rice in the bowl then move it over to the soup...crispy then soggy...The irony! The taste!

Just some suggestions for the next time you're there!

Michae Yu

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