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Sukiyaki? NO, More Like STUPIDYaki

oakjoan | Oct 14, 200911:11 PM

As I was standing in front of the meat counter at Berkeley Bowl this afternoon, I noticed that they had a sign up advertising "Sukiyaki Meat: Beef or Pork". It took me about 3 seconds to decide to get some. I hadn't made sukiyaki for at least a year and my husband is nuts for it.

So I buy a pound, figuring I can freeze whatever's left.

My small brain can only take in that I need to get spinach and some other greens as well as some scallions. I finish my shopping and am standing in line when I realize I don't have dried shitaki mushrooms (BB has both fresh and dried, but I like the musky/musty taste of the dried). I tell the person in front of me to go around me if I'm not back when it's my turn.

I rush to get a package of dried shitakis and get back just as the conveyor belt starts to move. As I'm taking stuff out of my cart I remember that I don't have any tofu. I contemplate asking the woman in back of me if she minds if I run and get some, but am uncomfortable asking her to accommodate me twice. I think of putting my groceries in the car and returning to just get tofu, but the lines are now verrrry long.

I decide to pick up some tofu on the way home, but when I get to the local Safeway the parking lot is full and I can see cars driving around and around. Oh, well...maybe it'll be just as good without tofu.

I have washed and torn up the greens and open the door to the cabinet which holds my oils and vinegars, etc. No SOY SAUCE! Now I am at my wits end.

I rifle through several kitchen and dining room drawers and find 4 small packets of soy sauce left over from delivery Chinese food. They don't provide enough. So now I'm looking in the refrig. door at Hoisin Sauce, Plum Sauce and Black Bean and Garlic with Chilis. I add a teaspoonful of chicken bouillon powder. Not much happens.

I finally decide to put in the black bean with garlic and chilis. Now it's just hot without much flavor. I finally put in a dollop of Hoisin Sauce and stir it around. I now tastes nothing whatever like sukiyaki, but it's not that bad.

It's not that great either, but my husband says it's fine and eats 2 big bowls of it. I figure it's better for me because I don't eat lots of it.

We should have a Chowhound Board for Kitchen Gaffes and Disasters.

We did finish off the meal with really good apples - Mutsu. One of the produce guys at the Bowl said that Arkansas Black Apples will arrive in ONE WEEK! I wait all year for these, the finest apples ever grown. Wahhoooo. As the little fat kid in the Kaiser commercials says "Things are lookin' up!"

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