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Suggestions for an Usuba Bocho (single bevel)?

Chemicalkinetics | Dec 28, 2009 08:24 AM

I am thinking about getting an Usuba. I do not need it, but like to have one. I don't expect I will use it alot, so I need something which is functional, but not too expensive. I do prefer a traditional Japanese wood handle.

On Japanesechefknife, I really liked the Fugiwara FKV Nakiri with traditional handle and VG (probably VG-1) stainless steel, but it is a Nakiri -- 50/50 double bevel. JCK customer service suggests me to shop for a forged Mizuno Tanrenjo Usuba instead, but those cost more than what I want to pay (>$200).

On Japan Blades, there is the G-16 Kanemasa Honso Usuba 165mm.


On BluewayJapan on EBay, I see the SAKAI Carbon steel Usuba -- inexpensive and great sharp. It states it is made of "carbon steel", but I have no idea what kind of carbon steel. It may be good or it may not.


Or what about the Hon Kasumi Usuba here from Epocirean Edge (EE)?


Or should I just get a Shun Pro Nakiri just to be safe? Although it is stated as a Nakiri, I believe all Shun Pro knives are single bevel.


Let me know if you have any suggestion or an Usuba. Thanks.

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