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Suggestions: sandwich toppings and side dishes for large group


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Suggestions: sandwich toppings and side dishes for large group

sbp | Apr 15, 2012 07:00 PM

So...I volunteered to handle dinner Saturday night (2 weeks from now) for a group of a dozen teenagers and parents (about 30 total) at a Marriott Residence Inn. Will have access to the hotel room kitchen (stovetop, microwave, full fridge, but no oven) and an outdoor gas grill. I also have to consider a black pepper allergy, so store bought shortcuts will be tough.

My plan is to cure a fresh ham (city style brine), and a few days beforehand, smoke a turkey and the ham. On Saturday, I'll reheat the meats on the gas grill (glaze the ham then) and make sandwiches.

For the turkey, I was thinking of making a cranberry barbecue sauce and traditional stuffing, to make "Thanksgiving leftovers" sandwiches. I also have home cured bacon, which would go nicely. Any ideas on complementary additional toppings? (Sometimes see cream cheese for Turkey/Cranberry, odd as it seems)...

For the ham, I was figuring on whipping up a quick honey mustard, adding some swiss cheese, maybe caramelized onions. But I'm drawing a blank beyond that. Since both the ham and turkey will be hot, I wanted to stay away from lettuce/tomato.

For side dishes, I was thinking a green salad, cole slaw, and maybe some roasted garlic/rosemary new potatoes. But I'm open to something more interesting, complementary, and easy to prepare in advance and reheat.

Thanks all!

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