Suggestions for Multi-Course New Year Dinner Food/Beverage Pairing

Kalenden | Dec 12, 201812:15 PM    


For New Year, we are doing a take-away easy to prepare gastronomic menu and now I’m looking to combine some beverages with it, for two persons. What would you recommend? We have a fairly varied cellar (though some notable wines are lacking) and willing to be adventurous. I’ll propose my own idea but I’d definitely like to hear specific recommendations! Pictures are here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/restauran... ) The courses are as follows (with each course divided by a line and posted as the menu is online with my additions in brackets since it is translated from Dutch)):


Lobster salad

grapefruit - fregula - apple - candied tomato - cocktail sauce


‘Cappuccino’ of ground chicory - scallops - chive cream

Toast of chicory, bacon and Reypenaer [type of cheese]


Brill [Fish, similar to Turbot] 'à la nage' with Zeeland mussels, gray shrimps and chestnut mushrooms

Foamy crustacean sauce


Crispy fried veal cheek and thymus [ also known as neck sweetbread ; veal sweetbread]

Mousselines of celeriac and parsnip - croquettes of polenta -

spring rolls of forest mushrooms - sauce of Porto


Apple pie from the oven with figs, raisins and pistachios

'Globe' of bitter chocolate with speculaas ice cream


I was thinking of starting of with a Champagne, taking that with the lobster as well. Could you suggest multiple good options in this area?

After, for the scallops and Brill I am guessing a good dry mineraly white, type Bourgogne, type Meursault, Puligny Montrachet. What do you think? Could you give other and/or more specific suggestions?

For the veal cheek, I was thinking a more powerful wine, type St Joseph, Chateauneuf du Pape or even Spanish Roda I, Pintia…

For the dessert, we are open to anything. Would Madeira be a good fit?

Again, I am open for all suggestions from your side, since I'm not 100% sure what my cellar still has and hasn't. Also, any advice on what to do with the open bottles? We are unlikely to finish all of them!

To clarify, I would like a single white wine to go with both the scallops and the brill. In that sense - what would be the best match?

Since it is just us two it will be a huge excess of wine already, opening a champagne, white and red.

I'm guessing we'll have (in total with 2) 4 glasses champagne, 4 glasses of white and 2 of red. Any good suggestions on how best to manage what is left over?

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