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Suggestions for HEALTHIER Snack Food and Munchies


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Suggestions for HEALTHIER Snack Food and Munchies

Pupster | Apr 14, 2005 03:25 PM

I snack all day long. I have a wicked sweet and salty tooth, so I am always going through cookies, Cheetos, cupcakes, scones, honey peanuts, Rice Crispy snacks, brownies... I think you get the idea. I'm trying to break this cycle by coming up with some healthier snack foods, but I need more creative ideas than trail mix, dried fruit, veggie sticks, nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn and the other tried and trues.

I welcome all creative ideas, including any that require any simple cooking. But if I can just buy it at the store, that is even better. What are your munchies of choice? Taste is paramount -- please no styrofoam-tasting rice cakes!

One of my more successful homemade snacks is baking pita bread into chips with EVOO and sea salt and dipping them in homemade tomato salsa and other "healthy" dips. I make fruit smoothies in my blender on occasion. I also got started on graham crackers, to soothe my sweet tooth. (Obviously, my definition of "healthy" is relative: graham crackers over brownies, gummy bears over Oreos, etc.)

Pour out your best ideas!

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