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Suggestion for TPTB... Community Calender...

jrvedivici | Dec 18, 201408:46 AM     8

Reading all the latest huffing and puffing about the latest "changes" to the site, and agreeing that it seems the current method of communicating changes (creating a post and leaving it up to members to find, read and understand the post) seems to be lacking, I offer the following as a suggested enhancement to the site.

Why not have a community calender we can all go to, and on there you place any upcoming changes or enhancements. This way we know what to expect and when to expect it, thus averting this "panic" that sets in when something new is being released. Could include site maintenance, upgrades, changes etc. Once spot for us to go to easily see what's going on and when.

(we could of course tie this into the Jr. board, just sayin)

Just some "food for thought".

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