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How to suggest another restaurant?


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How to suggest another restaurant?

SeoulQueen | Apr 11, 2011 12:58 AM

I'm meeting up with an old friend for dinner while I'm temporarily living in SF for the next few months. My original suggestion to meet in Napa, halfway for both of us plus several good restaurant possibilities. But she said she was happy to drive all the way to SF.

We've had a quick back and forth e-mail exchange regarding the restaurant. I told her I enjoyed good food and don't mind the type of cuisine and asked about her preferences. I guess we have different ideas of what constitutes good food as her response was to suggest we meet at an asian grocery store/shopping plaza in Richmond and eat inside there.

I'll be honest, I hate that idea. I was looking forward to an evening of catching up with my friend in a nice restaurant serving good food. Instead, I've now got this mental image of us sitting on some plastic chairs eating with plastic utensils as we're surrounded by hordes of Asian grocery shoppers.

My friend's e-mail ended with "What do you think?" So unless this asian grocery store plaza has an amazing restaurant (SF CHers could enlighten me here?), I need advice on how I should reply so I can suggest someplace else without offending her/implying that her suggestion is rubbish.

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