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Sugar syrup issues


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Sugar syrup issues

Xochitl10 | Aug 29, 2003 09:59 AM

I was attempting to make buttercream icing last night(Neoclassic Buttercream from The Cake Bible), which resulted in my second sugar syrup disaster. I did everything as instructed (egg yolks at room temperature, beaten until a light yellow, big bubbles in syrup, poured into oiled glass measure), but when I began adding the syrup to the egg yolks, it IMMEDIATELY hardened into candy. I was able to combine much of the hardening syrup into the yolks by beating, but still ended up with hardening globs stuck in the bottom of the mixer and a buttercream base that had small candy bits scattered throughout it. And I think my Kitchen-Aid hates me now.

Any ideas about what happened? I'm in Maryland, where it's crazy humid. Did I not beat the yolks enough first? Is there some trick to keeping sugar syrup hot long enough to add it to a mixture in stages,
rather than having to extract it from the glass measure? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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