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Sugar Land

John Scar | Mar 6, 2003 05:20 PM

I have been thinking about buying a house in sugar creek now as a rental to move into in a couple years and decided to make it fun by gathering my dad and his wife so we could go eat and check out homes. I recommended Cafe Nathalie. My dads wife, god love her, isn't real adventerous in the food department and is more concerned with ambiance and action. They haven't eaten at CN but weren't excited because they have never seen a crowd. Well I relented because someone told them about Nick's italian. So we went to Nick's. Well it wasn't bad, but it really wasn't all that good either. I had a pistachio crusted chicken with some shrooms, sun dried tom and a creamy type sauce. Like I said, it wasn't bad it just didn't have enough real flavor imo, it was more fat than flavoring. My dad had the snapper in nick's special sauce and it was ok as well. The bread was pedestrain but relatively tasty.
I can say that nick's didn't elevate my opinion on food in the burbs. I'm sure there is good food somewhere, in fact humble (railroad, amadeus, Mencious, and Chez Nous) has its share of good food. So its not snobbery on my part. Maybe Cafe natalie fits the bill? From the menu I can see that it isn't that exciting looking but hey, maybe they execute to perfection?
When can I expect a crowd at Cafe N so that I can get my step mother there?

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