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The Suckification of Scotch Brite Pads


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The Suckification of Scotch Brite Pads

GG Mora | Feb 13, 2003 09:12 PM

I've always counted on them to clean up after any Chow endeavors in my kitchen, but the product has gone precipitously downhill. Anyone else noticed?

The following screed is what I sent off to the manufacturer today. If you've had the same experience, WRITE AND COMPLAIN. If your favorite bottled sauce suddenly started to suck -- WRITE AND COMPLAIN. If your Mom-and-Pop restaurant got bought out by a national chain who subsequently dumbed it down -- WRITE AND COMPLAIN.

Corporations will continue to enfeeble their products in the interest of profits, because (by and large) we sit here like a bunch of morons and keep eating whatever they feed us. WE'VE GOT TO START SPEAKING UP.


3M Home Care Division
Consumer Affairs
PO Box 33068
St. Paul, Minnesota 55133-33068

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to register my utter disgust with your new and improved Scotch Brite “Heavy Duty” Scour Pads. I have been a loyal user of Scotch Brite Pads for over 10 years, finding them superior to any other pot-scrubbing product available and vastly preferable to pre-soaped steel wool pads. On average, I could count on a new Scotch Brite Pad to serve proudly at the kitchen sink for a month or more and still have enough guts to go on to shower and tub duty.

What have you done?? The pads I bought 2 weeks ago are as much like my favorite scrubbie as a wad of old newspaper. I’ve gone through three of them already, and that’s being charitable. In truth, each one has worn anemic in a day or two, but I haven’t had the heart to retire them so quickly, and have kept them in service past their due.

Clearly you have “improved” your formula, no? In all fairness to you, I provide herewith all the numbers printed at lower left of the back of the label, just in case you cranked out a bad lot which you’d like to recall:

Cat. 220
34-8506-4349-4 CV-0003-6796-7
(and on the UPC) 0 21200 01000 2

Really, I’m sick and tired of companies downgrading their products, presumably in the interest of cost-effectiveness. If your pad wears out in 3 days instead of a month, you can count on me and all my other dumb-ass consumer brethren to pony up for freshies that much for often, right? I think not. The Scotch Brite pads are outta here, and heaven knows what will replace them, but I won’t be paying my shekels to you. Honestly, what’s next? Post-It Notes that don’t?

Sincerely Disappointed,
Georgianne Mora

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