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Another Successful Frittata

ChiliDude | Feb 7, 201310:52 AM     6

I often make a frittata for lunch. My frittate (plural in Italian) have one unusual ingredient because of my cholesterol problem. That ingredient is dried egg whites that are purchased from an online purveyor in a large container because I frequently use eggs. An ovenproof skillet is also used to make the frittata. My frittate do not require flipping.


Measuring spoon for 1 Tablespoon
A regular fork
2 cup capacity measuring cup
1 cup capacity measuring cup with 1 fluid ounce markings
Old-fashioned 10½” cast iron skillet
1 silicone spatula
1 plastic spatula
pot holders or oven mitts


4 level Tablespoons of dried egg whites (equivalent of 6 eggs)
7 fluid ounces of warm water
3 whole eggs
2 heaping teaspoons of grated Pecorino Romano cheese
Canola oil to cover bottom of skillet
1 medium onion, diced
1 4-ounce can of mushrooms, drained and chopped
About a dozen thin slices of packaged pepperoni sausage, sliced in wedges
Grated mozzarella cheese


Do the following well in advance of cooking the frittata. Measure the dried egg whites into the large measuring cup. Add half of the warm, not hot, water to the egg whites and stir well with the fork until the clumping whites are well wetted. Add the rest of the water to the cup and stir well. The egg whites do not easily go into solution. Allow the mixture to sit for a while with the fork immersed in the mixture, stir every so often until the egg whites have completely gone into solution.

Add each of the 3 whole eggs to the egg white solution one at a time. Beat the egg well before adding the next egg.

Add small amounts of the Pecorino Romano and stir into the solution. It takes about 4 additions thus preventing the clumping of the cheese.

Preheat the skillet at medium low heat on the cook top (stove). Sauté the diced onion until it is translucent. Evenly distribute the chopped mushrooms and pepperoni wedges in the skillet. Add some dabs of butter around the skillet near the edges. When the butter has melted evenly add the egg and cheese mixture to the skillet. Preheat the broiler.

When it can be seen that the bottom of the mixture is set, remove the skillet to the broiler. Allow the mixture to brown, but not burn. It will puff up a bit which is OK. Remove the skillet from the oven, and turn off the broiler element. Add the mozzarella to the top of the frittata, put the skillet back into the warm oven until it is seen to have melted. Use the plastic spatula to cut the frittata into wedges after removing skillet from the oven, and serve.

I usually eat three quarters of the frittata for lunch. The other quarter of it becomes a snack at a later time.

Buon appetito!

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