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Success with Yukari's chicken karaage recipe - THANKS!


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Success with Yukari's chicken karaage recipe - THANKS!

elmomonster | May 26, 2005 12:20 PM

I tried Yukari's chicken karaage recipe last night, and it was a complete success! The chicken was moist on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the exterior and had the distinct nutty, gingery, and robust flavor I've come to expect. The aroma from the sake and soy permeated deep into the chicken. This is exactly the dish I enjoy in restaurants, and now I'm able to make it on my own. Thanks Yukari!

I marinated the boneless, skinless breast chunks (I cut the pieces to about an inch and a half wide and half an inch thick) in the seasoning inside a ziplock bag and left it in the fridge overnight.

The next evening, I shook off the excess marinade, and rolled them in cornstarch as Yukari suggested. Tapping off the excess cornstarch, I let them rest on a plate while the oil was heating.

As soon as the oil was hot enough, I fried small batches at a time. Since these were white meat pieces, I cut down the cook time by half, so as not to dry it out. After about two minutes of swishing around in the oil, before they take on too much color, I took them out of the oil and let it rest on a clean plate.

I think the resting process is crucial in making this dish properly. The resting allows enough carry-over heat to cook the chicken thoroughly and also allows the juices to redistribute while it cools.

This time also allowed the oil to heat up sufficiently for the final fry, which will give the chicken its color and crispness.

After a good five minute resting and cooling time, I did the final fry, also in small batches.

As soon as I detected a faint golden brown (took no more than a minute and a half for me), I lifted the pieces out to drain on a paper towel.

Perfect chicken karaage! Thanks again Yukari!

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