Subway. I just don't get it.


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Subway. I just don't get it.

sharonlebewohl | Aug 1, 2007 05:50 PM

I went to Far Rockaway to visit my kids. As I often do when I come to visit, I offered to buy takeout. I usually buy them food from places that they couldn't afford to go to on their own. When I asked what they were in the mood for, both my daughter and son-in-law were fairly adament about Subway. I know how frustrated my father felt when he wanted to take his grandchildren out for dinner in Israel, and the only place they wanted to go to was Mcdonalds.
The whole experience gave me an incredible headache. How many Fast food restaurants does a community need? Although I've never eaten in a non Kosher Subway, I don't understand the need to recreate a non Kosher restaurant and make it Kosher. While on line, I listened to the conversation two women were having in front of me. They were discussing how people in their Weight Watchers group were losing more weight then they were because of Subway. Now that there is a Kosher Subway, they too can lose weight. I then watched as they ordered their sandwiches, full of mayo, oil and other fattening condiments.When it was my turn, I laughed as the kid behind the counter asked me if I wanted my sandwiches with cheese. He made sure to tell me that my choices were Americany type cheese or mozarelly type cheese. My son-in-law had the steak sandwich. He loved it. My daughter shared a smoked turkey sandwich with me. I didn't understand all the excitement. Give me a smoked turkey on seeded rye with mustard and a pickle and I'll be happy. My two year old grand daughter had a meatball sub. Even she knew that it was full of filler, and her comment was "icky." To be fair, Layah doesn't like to get dirty, and she would consider anything with sauce "icky." I don't know that she actually tasted it. The soups tasted like canned soup. The dinner came out to $57. For my money, I would have prefered Sushi Metzuyan. A bunch of teenagers asked me to take their picture in front of Subway. They thought it was really cool to be eating there. I guess that I'm just not cool.
Another pet peeve of mine is special children's menues. Why aren't children eating adult food in smaller portions. My kids didn't grow up eating hot dogs, chicken nuggets and french fries. They ate meat, fish, vegetables, salads and what ever the adults were eating. I could take my children to a table cloth restaurant and order food from the regular menu. They loved trying new things. What do other people think about this?
I'm sorry for the ranting, At least it helped my headache.

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