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To all those who like Subway...


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To all those who like Subway...

Mr. Taster | Jun 21, 2004 12:06 PM

Over the weekend there was a thread on the "not about food" board regarding Subway. Rather than talking about quality of food however, the thread focused on the order in which the "sandwich artists" are instructed to assemble the layers of fixins', which seems to me a bit like arguing over whether apple juice or orange juice is a better choice to put in your gas tank.

I was astonished to see how many people replied saying that they liked Subway, with several thoughtful threads about the benefits of putting salad dressing on a sandwich at the beginning or the end of the sandwich construction.

But none of the people making these throughtful arguments addressed the main issue which is that despite their claims that Subway is all about freshness ("eat fresh!"), their meats are presliced and their "fresh" bread is brown-n-serve and filled with a list of chemical ingredients a paragraph long. Look it up on their website.

Also, not a single person addressed the bizarre smell that hits you upon walking into every Subway shop... (If they're baking fresh bread all day, shouldn't it smell like a bakery?) What is that weird funk? It certainly doesn't smell like food.

I'm not lying or even exaggerating on any of this. I just don't understand how people can ignore such blatant sensory evidence about the dubiousness of the food.

I am just curious to know if people who like Subway even think about these things, or is it simply a matter of convenience and availability?

Mr. Taster


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