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Substituting ricotta for buttermilk?

Shrinkrap | Sep 11, 201609:59 AM

Okay, wait a minute; hear me out.

I'm thinking of making the seriouseats meatloaf recipe, but need, no WANT to make a few substitutions. Every weekend I start thinking of how much "stuff" I have, and how I need to use it before I get more, and there are many food items on the list.

So I'm thinking I'll sub gelatine leaf for gelatine packets, Maggi or misao ( I think I have two kinds!) for Marmite, reconstituted dried shitake mushrooms for cremini, and some fancy ricotta (the kind that comes in a basket and is supposed to be like homemade) for the buttermilk.

The recipe says the buttermilk and gelatin are a sub for veal, which I could not find.

Any thoughts about miso vs Maggi for Marmite? How much of each?

Any thoughts about how much ricotta?

I've seen a Lidia recipe for the "Marchegiano style of meatloaf, with ricotta added to the mix, which renders the loaf tender and tasty -- not heavy and dense, as they so often are. ", and that recipe uses two cups! (This ricotta has a use by date of two days ago, and IIRC, cost more than $5.00!)

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