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Substitute for Kahlua? DeKuyper Coffee Brandy review


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Substitute for Kahlua? DeKuyper Coffee Brandy review

SoCal Mother | Jul 13, 2010 05:06 PM

Still trying to find a substitute for Kahlua, I contacted DeKuyper, whose liqueurs have just come under the OU.

We have already tried the Peach Schnapps (good for Fuzzy Navels and fruit salad) and Kamikazes (tastes like Sprite with vodka - no idea if that's what it's supposed to taste like) so I bought the Coffee Brandy at BevMo last week. (Bias alert - I like "chick drinks.")

We were 10 people and the vote was 7 no, 2 yes and 1 abstaining. Interestingly enough the 7 no votes really hated it and the 2 yes votes loved it.

The Web(be) Rebbe informs me that the DuKuyper products are all kosher even if the OU does not appear on the label.

I believe that DeKuyper also makes a product called Coffee Cordial, so that will be my next search.

PS I actually found out the real story behind the Kahlua from a friend who is in the food business (and was one of my coffee brandy tasters.) The plant in Mexico City could be kosher but it's in such a dangerous neighborhood that no one is willing to go out there to supervise it. Some of my Mexican (Jewish) friends tell me that they will still drink Kahlua. Kahlua bottled in the US is not kosher because the bottling plant processes non kosher beverages.

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